The business requirements I have been working with dictate that users should be able to work across various deployed webapp contexts in our ecosystem with a single password-based login after registering. The databases are a convoluted collection of write-optimized administration tables and read-only datamart tables. The (horizontally scaled) Tomcat 7 application servers sit upstream nginx 1.2.6 in a single VPC.

For now I chose to use the TokenBasedRememberMeServices instead of the suggested PersistentTokenBasedRememberMeServices to make things more straightforward for a first-run through.

Remember-Me Authentication may not be the best way to go about intra-domain auto-authentication, but sharing a single cookie for across and is much easier to set-up and maintain for now.

the code

I created a complete example project at jzerbe / spring-security-gwt-template. For this blog post, the important files to take a look at are the spring-security.xml and files.

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