The two out and back trails in this post are located just South of Divide, CO and East of Mueller State Park. Based on the pictures and activity levels at Mueller, I would guess that by late May, most years these two trails are snow-free.

Seriously updated this report based on reroutes found on July 9, 2016.

Raspberry Mountain route

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RT 5.5 miles ~2 hours. A very doable ~1200 ft elevation change one way. No facilities.

The Crags

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The Crags parking is pretty hard to miss by late morning; the level of families flocking about is high. There is a quick bit of elevation gain in the first quarter-mile, and 500 ft or so of uphill in the last mile, but for the most part it stays quite level next to Fourmile Creek. RT 3 miles ~1.5 hours. Pit toilets at trailhead.

NOAA Point Forecast

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