Care to go for a drive, a ride through rolling hills, rock crawling, pine forest speeding, and finish with an easy down slope? Get your gear prepped and hit Hall Ranch. Be sure to check #boco_trails and the Twitter account of the Hall Ranch Ranger for insights beforehand.

My bike partner showed up and we hit the trail ~9am. Made it to the top of Bitterbrush Trail (the top bench) ~9:50am, with a rather winded partner. I will say I was somewhat drippy myself, but not beat. This was my first serious rock garden, and while I had to get off 5-10 times, it kept me amused. Low levels of riders (and only riders) until ~10am. By the time I was coming down Antelope Trail ~10:45am, things were starting to feel a bit packed, but this is coming from someone used to seeing one or two people, on reclusive 14ers, every hour or so.

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M/F pit toilets and room for 50 vehicles at the Bitterbrush Trail parking lot. Room for 10 vehicles at the Antelope Trail parking lot.

Kudos to all the volunteers that have put in time cleaning this beautiful place after the September 2013 flooding. I was tubing in North Saint Vrain Creek last July, and the creek course washout is very obvious from Apple Valley Road.

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