Mount Falcon Park is to the Southwest of Morrison, North of US-285. This is a pretty good representation of what you will see at other Front Range parks: semi-arid vegetation, giving way to pine forest at higher elevation.

I convinced my biking partner to start from the East parking lot, or rather the parking lot for Morrison Town Park. This way, we could maximize our sweating by having ~1500ft of elevation change in 3 miles. On the Castle Trail, there are two larger rock fields where I had to get off and walk, and 5-10 times where I had to dismount for a tight switchback. Just keep in mind that the downhill will be worth it! Note that there is no shade on Castle Trail, with large sections of shade in the pine forest surrounding Parmalee Trail.

Continue on the Castle Trail until right before the West parking lot. Take a hard left at the pit toilet and log fence remnant. Once on the singletrack Parmalee Trail there is ~500ft of elevation change where the trail descends and then ascends back to the Meadow Trail that runs the ridge-line. Meadow Trail connects back with Castle Trail to form a “lollipop”.

I arrived at the East parking lot a bit before 8:30am, and snagged a spot that had just opened up. Otherwise there were openings a few cars down Vine St. By the time we returned ~11:30am, it was packed out with 30 some cars out the lot and down the street. Had lunch at TNT Country Kitchen. Huevos racheros never tasted so good; probably because I was quite hungry.

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