Buffalo Creek is a massive openspace area. At only an hour from my place, I am shocked I had not been here sooner. Will have to thank my latest trail partner for the suggestion … again. We started ~8:15am from the 1/5 full trailhead parking and returned ~10:30am to full parking. Only started running into other bikers (or anyone at all) on the Baldy downslope.

As one of the reviews on singletracks says, “The biggest and best system I’ve ridden so far”.

Be sure to bring a map. I put the super-size map from Front Range Mountain Bike Patrol on my local GDrive prior. The 2013 USGS Southern section of the Pine, and the Northern section of the Green Mountain quadrangle topographical maps were a bit cluttered for my purposes. You really do not change more than a thousand feet over the whole loop. Going counter-clockwise, it is all down hill once you are on 727 - Baldy.

Sandy Wash, Charlies Cutoff, and Baldy route

I had no problems on my stock hard-tail 29er. I expect to be back for several more rounds.

20150623 EDIT: added 2014 updated trail map

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