Previously did Mt. Sherman from the West (Leadville) side. Had not done any 14ers yet this season, and needed to retrain my muscle memory. This is a great 14er route to get started with: 2 hour drive on 285 from Denver, unlike the West side there is no muck dodging, and only 1 false summit. Of the two hour drive, the last 30 minutes is on a dirt access road that can be done by even a Honda Accord (saw it with my own eyes).

If you are going to do Sheridan, be aware of where you are going. Sheridan is much less traveled, and there is no tracked down path; well, there are tracked down paths that can be seen from the saddle, but they are hard to follow once one is ascending. I started from the NE side and made my way up to the SWW side by the time I was at the peak elevation.


~15 minutes on each summit, otherwise no stops.

I always wear work gloves. The last mile to the summit of Sherman has some exposure that gloves are useful in handling.


View from Sherman towards Sheridan

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View from Sheridan towards Iowa Gulch

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