This is day 2 of 2 (Sunday) in South Yosemite, or rather just the morning, as we had planned.

Do note that parking right next to the grove was packed out by the time we finished up around 11am, and people were being diverted to the shuttles; wide open parking at 8am. The easy Outer Loop Trail route we took will not be available during the Restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias Project; you will probably have to hoof it 12 miles RT from Wawona.


The Outer Loop Trail takes you up and NE along the North ridge, away from much of the lower, touristy grove. Near the top, back track NNW on an abandoned? asphalt access road to the top of Wawona point (1200 ft up). At least the microwave radio substation does not block the view.\

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On the return we hit the tram asphalt and cut into the lower grove as a shortcut.

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