This is the preponderance of day 1 of 2 (Saturday) in South Yosemite. I had done the whole Yosemite Valley shindig 10 years ago with the folks on spring break. This time I did not want to deal with crowds. Had a room at the Wawona Hotel for Friday and Saturday nights, so might as well find proximate trails.

Enter Glacier Point; in between the touristy areas of sequoias and the valley, this area is not frequented as much. If you do meet people, it probably will be in the afternoon.

At the end of 6.2 miles one-way is a beautiful mountain lake.

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The trail is flat for the first two-thirds of the mileage, as you pass through tall grasses and semi-arid evergreens. The entire trail is quite wide, with not a drop-off in spitting distance. There is a cool cliff-side area off-trail to the East in the last mile that overlooks Half-dome and Capitan. This is after the first vantage point of both.

Some people we met on the return looked woefully unprepared: half a single water bottle finished with sandles.

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