This is the second of three days spent around Las Vegas doing non-Vegas things.

Death Valley Buttes

I agree with you get a whole lotta something for a whole lotta nothin from SummitPost : Death Valley Buttes. In two hours we were able to break out of the Daylight Pass valley and see to the Harmony Borax Works, and Mesquite Flat Dunes.

Got going on this ~10:30am after a 30 minute drive from Beatty to a dirt turn-out. The noticeable start of the trail on the Eastern most Butte is around the second outcrop as seen from the turn-out. Shielded from the North wind much of the trail.


Eats and Sleeps

Chowed down some sandwiches at the junction of Scotty’s Castle Road and Daylight Pass Road; has a pit toilet and picnic table. This was after getting chased off some dunes farther North along Scotty’s Castle Road by an incoming sandstorm.

Drove back to Las Vegas.

Origin India was open on Christmas Day and we were able to be seated right away ~7pm. Absolutely delicious. Much better than some casino buffet.

Sleeps at Alexis Park All Suite Resort, which has a weird WiFi policy: free, if you sign in for the first time, in the main building.

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