This is the third of three days spent in Southwest Utah. The weather was cool and damp enough for a fast pace and kept most everyone else in bed. There was ice on our rental car when we got up in the morning!

Morning commute

The drive from Bryce View Lodge to Fairyland Point is one of the shortest trailhead drives I have ever done. You do not even have to go through the main park entrance; the trailhead is before that! I just left my parks pass on the dash. In any case, when we rolled through the entrance/fee station ~7:45am, no one was collecting and we were able to drive in and grab some literature from the baskets outside the locked visitor center.

Fairyland Loop

Point forecast for Fairyland Point: 2 Miles NE Bryce Canyon NP UT

USGS 2014 quadrature: UT_Bryce_Canyon_20140227_TM_geo.pdf, UT_Bryce_Point_20140228_TM_geo.pdf

NPS - Bryce Canyon - Fairyland Loop

  1. 8:20am: start from Fairyland Point
  2. 9:30am: pass Chinese Wall turn-off
  3. 10:00am: reach Rim Trail
  4. 10:50am: return to Fairyland Point via Rim Trail; did loop clockwise

8 miles/2000ft RT in 2.5 hours. We came across two other people during the entirety of our time on this trail.

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Eats and sleeps

On the drive from the visitor center to the La Quinta in South Vegas we must have went through at least three biomes: alpine, forest, and high/low desert.

Good stuff from Yelp: The Great Greek. 15 minute drive from our hotel; short compared to all the driving earlier in the weekend. I had the Mezze Plate and my dad had the Grilled Salmon Rice Bowl from the menu.

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