This is the first of three days spent in Southwest Utah.

Morning commute

I was picked up at the Las Vegas airport ~9:30am by my dad and we drove to the Utah welcome center which is located on the West side of the St George/Dixie convention center. Good amount of literature and good restrooms.

One thing worth noting on the drive is the change in topography from the flats of Nevada to the Utah highlands. Once through Littlefield (AZ), you are greeted with a wall of foothills that seem to have no entrance, until inside the Virgin Gorge.

We took the scenic route through residential St. George and Ivins, past the park entrance for our $6 day pass, to the Northern end of the park, where we stopped off the side of UT-18 for the Cinder Cone trail head ~12pm.

Afternoon trails

SnowCanyonBrochure.pdf: mirror

Point forecast: 6 Miles NNE Ivins UT

  1. Cinder Cone in the very North of the park and outside of the fee area? 1.5 miles RT with a little scrambling near the top of this extinct volcano. See over much of the surrounding area.
  2. Shortcourse Whiterocks Amph 1 mile RT; 2nd parking area South.
  3. Butterfly 2 miles RT over rolling sedimentary and igneous rock. Scramble to the top of the Overlook for cool views. Be sure to check out the lava tube to the North of the Overlook.

This better-maintained/pay section of the larger Red Cliffs Desert Reserve worked out well for some afternoon trails. Enough to keep us busy for 3 hours between hiking, short drives, and snacking.

Afternoon window shopping

There are some cool looking houses along Snow Canyon Parkway on the outskirts of St. George. Or I should say they look cool from the road. My dad was feeling adventurous and we thought it would be funny to take a look at one of the model homes with encrusted sweat, dirt, and ratty trail shirts on. Stopped off in the Entrada development after we were tagged and let in by the gate dude. Looked at something in the ANASAZI RIDGE AT ENTRADA development. Just more McMansion crap; I expect better if I am going to spend over half-million.

Eats and sleeps

Drove to the Travelodge in Hurricane and checked in.

By that time it was ~5pm and we were really hungry. Had already seen great reviews on Yelp about Albertos Mexican Food; just down the street? why not!? It was delicious. Go there. Horchata and shrimp burrito left me satisfied and wanting more.

Returned to room, showered, and chilled until going to sleep ~10pm.

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