This was a great long weekend trip to Moab Utah and back to Denver Colorado over April 28 to 30th.


Leave Denver ~7am.

Stopped in 10:30am-12:30pm for the iconic Hanging Lake trail. The weather was crisp and sunny; it had snowed earlier in the morning and after we finished. A slight dusting, but nothing unmanageable. There were about 20-40 other people on the trail, many fewer than usual. Good picknicking spot.

Entered Arches ~3pm and left ~5:30pm. Got in to Moab ~6pm later that day. The weather was quite warm by comparison to the powder day we had driven by in Frisco CO.

On the way South through town to our AirBnb, we stopped in to for cookables and snacks.

May 2018 update: The fine folks at Gearheads will let you fill up potable water in their store for free!

Checked in to our AirBnb after that - - and met our hosts. Cooked asparagus, spaghetti squash, and cod out on the patio grill under the stars.


Picked up Specialized Camber Comp 650B after 8am.

Took a couple of laps on Moab Brand Trails - Lazy/EZ Loop as an intro ride for my riding partner.

Packed lunch and snacks and ate in the back of my car.

Went up Aztec Butte in the early afternoon:

Dinner at Jeffrey’s Steakhouse was one for the books! Called in a 7:30pm reservation the week before.


Checked out of AirBnb right in the nick of time at 11am.

Went biking at a sweet intro to slick-rock trail - - with the parking lot location right next to the trail. The first part of the trail is a bit of a pain, going through a sand wash, but then it opens up to great slickrock.

Returned bike and headed back to Denver ~2pm.

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