classic gaming on emulated Mac OS 7 in Windows

Up until two weeks ago, it had been 13 years since last I laid eyes on Mac OS 7 and all the awesome games that I remembered playing at the age of 8. My grandparents had an Apple PowerBook 520c that they would bring along on trips, and a Macintosh Performa 6400 that inhabited their basement. My grandpa was going through old stuff I guess and brought out the very same PowerBook this last weekend. Maybe I should have grabbed it as a collector's item, but I already have quite the computer graveyard; I decided to see if I couldn't play these games in an emulated manner instead.

According to Macintosh Garden's overview guide, one needs Basilisk II.

Basilisk II emulates a 680x0 Macintosh that will run MacOS versions 7 to 8.1. This represents a date range of about 1991 to 1996. Games published in the early and mid 1990s are most stable in Basilisk II.

For the most part I followed the linked guide on for getting Basilisk II running on my Windows XP machines: Setting up Basilisk II for Windows.

  1. From the BasiliskII for Windows build 30-08-2010 available forum post one is directed to download and extract
  2. To configure Basalisk II via the GUI, download and install gtk+-2.10.13-setup.exe
  3. Follow along with the aforementioned guide until you reach the JIT Compiler, be sure to uncheck Translate through constant jumps, as it makes the emulated CPU calculate incorrect hashes for the System 7.5.3 installation.

Feel free to download my Windows emulated Mac OS 7.5.5 setup which includes Stuffit Expander 5.5 Lemmings, Spectre Challenger, and Spin Doctor. Upon unzipping the archive, you will just need to correct the Mac OS 7.hfv and Mac OS ROM locations via the Basalisk II Gui.