Big Dominguez Canyon investigation

Third of three-ish days around Grand Junction.


Shout-outs to Scott Bacon on telling me about this area; if there is an area with cultural/natural beauty in Colorado, he probably has photography of it.

Old area map below (used to be wilderness study area), but some better details than the BLM PDF or GDrive mirror.

Dominguez Canyons wilderness study area

Map original found on Dominguez Canyon Wilderness

standard trips

Most people who want an enjoyable half-day can head up Big Dominguez canyon and head back down; great write-up on Big Dominguez Canyon. We certainly enjoyed ourselves.

Another option mentioned in literature PDF is to go all the way up and out of Big Dominguez. After that, walk back down Little Dominguez.

possible early crossing

My question: is an early crossing possible? Before hitting the trail junction with Cactus Park, is it possible to take the Big Dominguez Dry Fork to a point that connects with Poison Canyon?

The closest thing to anyone posting about this I could find: Jess and Jo go backpacking

Based on the horse trail I found, the locals probably know a route. I did not get onto Star Mesa due to time constraints, but it looks very plausible without rock climbing gear from the Big Dominguez side.

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