Jackson Hole - big terrain and soft snow

Jackson Hole has the kind of in your face big terrain that I came to expect from my time at Whistler Blackcomb. Maybe even more in your face. Cliffs and serious steeps will just pop up if you do not know the mountain; my first two days of riding were very cautious, getting to know the mountain.

The snowboarding destination

At ~4k ft of vertical drop, there can be plenty of variation in conditions. The days we were on mountain, it paid to stay 10-15 degrees warmer by being at mid-mountain or higher.

At the Western boundary of the resort, looking toward the tram:

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Getting there

United flies direct Denver to Jackson and they have a great Sports equipment policy for Ski and snowboard equipment:

Up to two snowboards in one bag and one snow boot bag

If the combined weight of the ski bag and boot bag is over 50 pounds (23 kg), applicable overweight charges apply.

In reality as long as you have a snowboard bag that is not over 50 pounds, they don’t really care. On top of that, I run the United MileagePlus Explorer Business Card, so I have not had to pay checked bag fees … ever.

Next time I go to Jackson, I will drive. Flying to/from the Jackson airport is very much rolling the dice whether your flight will be cancelled. United cancelled our return flight, but was good enough to get us a full refund. They cancelled the next two day’s flights as well. We were able to snag a 2018 Tahoe and make it back to Denver late.


Booked a spot 5 months in advance in Teton Village for $610/night total: Rendezvous - 2BR Condo #A-3. I could ride all the way from the top of the tram to 30 feet from our front door for almost a mile vertical drop.

Booking that far in advance and in a moderate El Nino year is an exercise in luck. Early Feburary is usually snowy. We had 1 true powder day, but with some in-bounds hiking I made fresh knee-deep tracks every day!

Eating out

Gather has an adventurous, yet traditional menu. Be warned, getting in to Jackson for a 6pm dinner reservation on the $3/person bus can be tight during rush hour, allocate at least 1.5 hours if coming from Teton Village.

Spur Restaurant & Bar has a cozy atmosphere and a traditional menu. Our group favorite just because of the quality of each menu item and the convenience from our condo.

Teton Thai has a tiny dining room and you probably will not make it in. The clutch play is to order take-out. I did not expect this level of flavorful in Teton Village.

San Juan Restaurant has some properly gigantic and delicious tortas. Will return.