Remote working residency

As an employee, you generally don’t have to worry about government paperwork and compliance filings. Maybe a few hours at tax time, but nothing compared to your employer.

You may receive notices from your employer like - “you may work internationally for up to one month” or “as long as you stay within your original employment state” - this is because permanently moving or working in different province, state, or country for an extended time is a big compliance headache for your employer.

If an employer has a permanent employee in a region, the employer will have to create a local entity or utilize the services of an Employer of Record to be in compliance with government regulations because of you, the employee.

My suggestion: use a virtual mailbox service to make things easy for your employer by maintaining an address in your original employment location. Services like Anytime Mailbox, iPostal1, USPS PO Boxes with informed delivery + real street address - can be used depending on how you plan to remote work. Just be sure that your final address isn’t flagged as a Commercial Mailing Receiving Agency using the USPS’s address lookup tool if using a US address.

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